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Learning with Charrly

We offer the SAME teacher for the whole of your course. We provide you with a curriculum (downloadable from each of the course pages) for the whole of your course so that you can exactly see what you are paying for. Naturally we will teach grammar and vocabulary, but the teachers will also be flexible when a course needs some adjustment. Our teachers always try to focus on the interests of the students, which is essential, to keep the motivation of every participant at a high level. Our 1to1 language courses offer the learner a completely tailored-made course aimed at their individual language level. All our courses cover real-life, practical situations helping learners achieve their goals.

All our teachers are native-fluent, qualified, experienced trainers. They are experts in their field and teach languages as a career. Selecting the best trainers is a priority for us. They are chosen not only for their English ability but also for their motivational prowess and people’s skills.

Speaking, Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading and Writing. All will be aimed at improving your fluency. You will be able to not only understand better but crucially learn to create sentences that communicate accurately the message that you wish to convey. This will be done using modern, relevant material.

We offer Business English at B1 level, General English at A2 as well as Spanish at A2. 1to1 courses are offered at any level.

For fixed curriculum courses you will need to purchase a specific course book. At Charrly we have created our own Grammar book with grammar explanations and tutorials all of which are free for you to download. Our teachers will also provide additional learning material which you can download at any time. Our language courses use the universally accepted CEFR for languages standard.

All our teachers are carefully selected by us. We believe in continuity. Each course will have the same teacher for the whole of the course. This provides that continuity because the teacher identifies each classroom participant’s personality and therefore finds the best way to improve the participant’s English. We wish to go deeper and bring each participant to a new level of English. This can ONLY be achieved with continuity!

Each course will have the same teacher for the whole of the course. Each course has a curriculum which you can see in our website. We believe in transparency and therefore show you what you will receive when you buy a Charrly course. Consistency of the same trainer per course is essential here so that the curriculum is followed, and goals are achieved. The teacher will provide downloadable material and a book curriculum will also be followed.


Each course price on Charrly is given on its course page. This is an end price and includes VAT. All our course prices include VAT.

Our Online class experience

Charrly currently offers GROUP courses in English (A2), Business English (B1), German (A1), French (A1), Spanish (A1). We also offer fully customised, subject-orientated 1to1 English courses in Legal English, Technical English, Procurement English, Financial English, Real-Estate English, IT-English, Logistics English, Marketing English, Sales English, HR English, Medical English, Insurance English.We currently offer free online Placement testing in the following languages:

Each teacher at Charrly will correct your mistakes but they also have soft skills and so know when and when not to correct. They must be good at man-management as every single person on the planet has a different personality to the next person. Therefore, a teacher needs judge how best to interrupt with corrections.

We first offer free online Placement Tests. Simply create an account from the main page menu and from your account page you can take a free Placement test as well as a free teacher trial and book a course. After the test is taken a suitable course can be offered for your language level. We follow the internationally recognised Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Firstly, online learning with a live trainer has many advantages compared to a traditional language school:

  1. No travelling and no travel cost.
  2. Small groups.
  3. Price.
  4. Better scheduling.
  5. The internet at your fingertips.
Studies at top Universities have shown that learning online produces equally good results as good to a traditional school.

Technology requirements

Charrly simply uses the most up to date browser technology to enable its video-conferencing system to work. There are no intrusive downloads! You simply need your web browser. Charrly now can successfully operate on the following browsers given below in part 2. With the purchase of a course, you will be able to login to our Charrly video-conferencing site using the Student login dropdown from the main Login menu and with your own personal login and password you will be able to join the site when your particular course takes place.

Learning with Charrly is very simple. Charrly is web browser-based and so no downloads are required.

  1. A fast Internet connection (DSL or LAN preferably with a cable connection)
  2. Google Chrome Webbrowser oder MS Edge Webbrowser browser for Windows-PCs, Apple OS-Computers (Desktop / Laptop) and Android-Tablets.
  3. Safari Web browser for iPAD iOS.
  4. PC or Laptop with Windows 7 or higher or an Apple computer or a Tablet or iPad.
  5. Webcam
  6. Headset/Headphones or preferably use the built-in speaker + microphone of your computer.

Once you have created a Charrly account you can book a class, via Paypal, from the course available on the Charrly website. The days, times and course content for each course is shown on the site. You can first request a free teacher trial to get to know your teacher before booking. We require that you take a free Placement test before starting a course. A tutorial on how to use Charrly will also be available to you in your account page. We are always there if you need more help, and you can contact our student support through our contact form or simply call us.

Your Learning Progress

This depends on many factors. Firstly, what is your current language level? This we can determine when you take our online Placement test. We follow the universally accepted CEFR standard from the Council of Europe. As a rule of thumb, it is possible to jump one level from the present level that you are on in about 6 months with a great deal of hard work. Most people though require a least a year with hard work. An so it depends where you start from. What we can say though is through taking courses with Charrly your level will steadily increase until you reach a level that you are satisfied with. This we can safely say is due to the very high standards of teacher quality that is at the core of any Charrly course.

You certainly can with us. We have the teacher quality to make this happen. Our groups are small – a maximum of six but often smaller. Learning in a group can be an enjoyable experience which is always a valuable factor in trying to master a language. You can also benefit from the experiences of the other students in your group. Charrly also offers 1to1 English lessons. These lessons are also offered if you wish as subject-orientated courses such as Legal English, Technical English, Procurement English, Financial English, Real-Estate English, IT-English, Logistics English, Marketing English, Sales English, HR English, Medical English, Insurance English.

It is possible to have a certificate from Charrly when you have completed a course. This will contain your placement test level and the subject material that was covered in the course. Our Certificates follow the universally accepted CEFR standard from the Council of Europe and are accepted by worldwide by many institutions.

Organisation of Courses

Take our free Placement Test! Ask for a free teacher trial, and we mean free. We are very careful with our teacher selection and feel sure that when you meet the teacher to discuss your course as well as knowing fully before paying as to what exactly is the content of your course your mind will be put as ease.

Your free trial is as it says free! After registering with Charrly you simply request a free trial within your Charrly account. We will then contact you to say when this will be. You have no obligation to book after the trial.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. We offer a completely free teacher trial so that you can avoid this scenario. During the trial you will get to know the teacher and a make direct assessment whether you feel that this teacher is for you or not.

The simple answer is no. We offer a free teacher trial so that you can decide if the teacher is right for you. Most course are 40 lesson hours. Please check our general terms and conditions here.

Certainly. If you need support concerning anything to do with Charrly then contact the team here.

About Charrly

Charrly is an innovative video-conferencing language learning platform developed by Business English Academy. Charrly’s professional video conferencing system is easy to use and requires no downloads. It is web browser based. Our experienced English teachers are all native speakers. You will learn online with a real live teacher and up to 6 course participants, all of whom interact simultaneously via video and audio. The Charrly system has been developed over the years using an interactive white board so that virtual language learning is the same for everyone sitting together in a classroom.Our video-conferencing system is fully encrypted which means it is virtually impossible to be hacked. Unlike other systems.

The Classes and Learning

If you miss a class, you can catch up because you will have a book. We follow a curriculum. Additional grammar can be downloaded from our Charrly video-conferencing course.

It is super important to check technically that your camera and microphone are working correctly at least 20 minutes before you join a class. You can download material before and during the class. Headphones are a good idea to stop any feedback. It is also important to be in a quiet room.

You do will need to buy a student’s class book. We also provide free grammar and other free downloadable material.

In order to provide you with the highest quality assurance for your language learning we only employ native fluent trainers which have a great deal of experience in teaching languages, are well qualified, are schooled us in our methodology and are chosen for their background experience in the area of specific English (e.g. Financial, Logistics or Legal). Each of our trainers are continually assessed for the quality of work, punctuality, reliability, and behaviour to maintain highest possible standards. All Charrly trainers are selected for their pedagogic and didactic skills, flexibility as well as their personal skills. New teachers are thoroughly checked and tested and are then inducted into our methodology, instructed on classroom materials, and schooled on Classroom management. All our trainers have either a full teacher degree or full qualification as a teacher for adults. For example, a CELTA or Trinity certificate and many have both.

Simply login to the Charrly website and on your Account page you will be able to book a course by clicking on “Book Course” button. We will then contact you.

In the event of a teacher having to cancel, either a replacement teacher will be provided, or the classes will simply be added to the end of the course.

Please contact us if you have any further questions using the contact for or call us on 0800-724 33 58.

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